Disaster Prevention and Recovery

When a crisis occurs, you should be worrying most about the safety of your people and the continuation of your business - NOT the reliable operation of your security and life safety systems.

When you need your systems the most, ISG is there for you - ready for the challenge to get you back online and in communication with your facilities. With a dedicated team of prepared professionals who know your needs personally, ISG can ensure system continuity at some of the most challenging times and in some of the most difficult situations.


A disaster is the point when experience makes all the difference; your ISG team will have the knowledge and abilities you need, when you need it. The insight that comes with experience also makes disaster preparation and planning more productive. Our contribution to your disaster planning and assessment process will be invaluable helping you build an effective system and not just another plan on paper.

You Should Know:

A good security firm will help you build redundancy into your own systems in case of a disaster - but what about their communications systems? ISG's Central Monitoring Facility has multiple layers of redundancy in everything from our power supply to communications, networking, and encryption.

The Service Mix:

  • Consulting
  • System Design and Installation
  • Alarm Monitoring
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