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fire-fighter.jpgOur founder Harry Azano was raised in the family fire protection business and at thirteen years of age in 1960 began working part time with fire suppression and extinguishing systems, at seventeen became a partner and at 26 became the principal owner serving the commercial fire protection needs of businesses throughout Connecticut.

During this time Harry completed both his undergraduate and graduate studies at The University of New Haven receiving degrees in Fire Science and Security Management. Desiring to work with more of the up and coming electronics, automatic fire alarm systems along with teaching Harry ventured into a new role, Professor of Fire Science at UNH, for nineteen years Harry continued his role as professor and as a security and life safety consultant in the private sector with the company he founded in 1984 "The Professionals" a collaborative life safety and security consulting practice where he continues to be a sought after consultant for projects that include the United Nations, The State of New York, numerous government facilities including court houses, legislative office buildings and countless commercial properties throughout the region.


Chapter One: Recent High Rise Disasters

Chapter Two: The Challenge of High Rise Buildings

Chapter Three: The Role of the Security Force

In-demand, Harry accepted an assignment at the prestigious John Jay School of Criminal Justice in NYC. The position as adjunct Professor not only included the instruction of those students in this highly selective graduate program, it included Harry as the author of three of the six programs in the Security Management curriculum. Harry did not stop there with authoring educational and informative courses; Harry was the first individual to have a book published on Fire Safety & Security for High-Rise buildings.

With exceptional understanding and practical everyday knowledge of how these two normally disparate areas should come together as a team for improved safety and security this book explained in great detail the risks that face all types of occupancies and how to best plan to avoid, deter and if necessary respond to in a time of crisis.

The FDNY has been lauded for their ability to handle times of crisis like no other organization in the world and when the NYC Fire Training Academy on Randall’s Island needed to get an objective view point on training they turned to our founder Harry Azano for three years of training and education at this world renowned academy.

Let us assist you with your next project or need and we promise you will gain all the benefit of our immense experience and capability.


As The Professionals has grown over the last 25+ years the development of a division dedicated to electronic systems was developed. It is this division today that has the ability to serve your Fire alarm and detection needs from design, to implementation, every aspect is accomplished in-house. From approvals through acceptance testing and on-going service, inspection and monitoring our team of experienced individuals have the unique benefit of working side-by-side with someone who was nearly born into the fire protection field, unmatched experience and a lifelong dedication to provide safer more secure environments. As a former NYC Certified High-rise fire safety director Harry oversees every aspect of our fire alarm division.

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