Educational Facilities

Integrated Security Group (ISG) has been providing security, fire, video, and monitoring services along with consulting to educational institutions for over twenty-five years.

Our experience and knowledge of an educational facilities needs has been further supported by one of our founder’s direct experience as a former professor at two major universities teaching at the undergraduate and graduate levels in both security management and fire science for over 28 years.

Keeping people safe is the primary responsibility of any school, college, or university.


Fire, vandalism, burglary, violence, illegal drugs, internal theft, and safeguarding information are just a few of the problems facing school security professionals today. The typical institution faces a constant conflict between the need to remain accessible, and the need to protect persons and property.

Our systems are time-tested, and will help you create a strategy that promotes safety while allowing the kind of open environment an educational institution needs. It's simply the most complete solution to your personal safety and risk management issues.

The increased need for security and coordinated life safety systems on campuses of all sizes will continue to be a challenge well into the future, major changes on the horizon requiring new Mass-notification systems is just the beginning. ISG offers a broad line of solutions flexible enough to deliver the protection that is required with a remarkable ease of use along with the experience and advice that only comes from decades of practical application.

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