Confidence & trust are the cornerstones of your business earning these have never been easy, you work a lifetime building your reputation to earn the respect and business of those you serve you shouldn't have to wonder if your security company feels the same way about you as you do your clients.


Protecting your business, your investments in inventory, employees, your location and even those irreplaceable pieces left in your care for repair by your customers requires more than just a security system, it requires a security company with the understanding of the threats you face, a dedication to your unique needs and requirements. Of course the systems must meet Underwriters Laboratory (UL) and Jewelers Mutual (JM) standards; we actually think they should meet your expectations too... As good of a job UL & JM do with advising and recommending systems, technologies and proven practices we think there is room for more, more thought, better application, stronger understanding resulting in simply a safer and more secure environment. No different than if you were to provide advice to your best friend on a diamond, watch or precious gemstone we too will advise you on how to be more secure. In our business as it is in your business it is not always the most expensive that is the most rewarding, enjoyable or loved gift, it is the one that is given with thoughtfulness and care that lasts a lifetime.

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