Executive Employee Protection

What's your most valuable asset? Where are you at Risk?


It is easy to think about securing hard assets, property, client data, and your investments in technology, research and development and the numerous other tangible and intangible products of your business. Have you considered how vulnerable you are and the risks you face from an employee who has access to your facilities who is not properly protected at home? From work place violence finding its way from your place of business to your employees home to threats that may cause a compromise to your facilities.

We are not discussing bodyguards, evasive driving techniques or general personal protection techniques, our goal is to get you started with thinking about basic and effective security practices for those key employees that could be considered at risk or the potential object of a disgruntled former employees anger at home or target as an effective means of circumventing your current facility security by a planned early morning or off hours ambush. Contact us to learn how you can improve your security dramatically without adding a single piece of equipment. Strong policies and procedures coupled with quality electronics can provide you with a whole new feeling of security.

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