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Integrated Security Group (ISG) has been providing alarm, monitoring & consulting services to clients in the financial services industry since 1984.

For over 25 years, ISG has been a trusted name in security for financial institutions. Advanced technology and simple operation make ISG the best choice for effective burglar alarm, fire alarm, digital video, access control and monitoring services for institutions of all sizes.

By gaining an intimate knowledge of the security issues our clients face – ISG creates solutions that employ the time tested and proven fundamentals of every good security plan incorporated with the latest technology and advancements available.

We understand how to make your electronic security program support your individual policies and procedures for a more effective and secure environment.


Below are a few basic principles we consider each and every day,

Procedures for opening and closing for business (talk to us about why this is one of the most overlooked but important aspects of your security program)

Procedures for the safekeeping of all currency, negotiable securities, and client information (How well do you use lighting in your security program? vault illumination, walk-up & drive-up ATM & Night Depositories?)

Ongoing training of employees regarding their responsibilities & conduct during and after a robbery or burglary. (What would your staff do if they were to walk-in on a burglary in progress? (How could you prevent this from happening?)

Procedures for selecting, testing, operating, and maintaining appropriate security devices

Procedures that will assist in identifying persons that commit burglary or robbery (the use of cameras & choke points to get the optimal image of the suspect).

Security Devices

Advancements in electronics have both increased and simultaneously decreased the protection capacity of security & video systems, it is extremely important that you understand the differences and their potential impact on your program, these advances in technology have also benefited the criminal with an increased power of anti-security devices. Management should consider replacing outdated technology and installing any needed equipment to combat the increasing threats financial institutions face. Consideration should be given to:

  • A means of protecting cash and other assets (the use of vaults and safes that are additionally supervised by an alarm system)
  • Lighting for illuminating the vault after hours
  • A Burglar alarm system for promptly notifying law enforcement officials that has true reliable and tested supervised communication not just something that sounds like it does (link to future document to be provided on secure communication)
  • Tamper-resistant locks on exterior doors and windows

Risk Considerations

The following considerations should be given when implementing a security program and evaluating alarm devices:

Incidence of crimes against financial institutions in the area

Amount of currency and other valuables exposed to robbery, burglary, or larceny including client night deposits and ATM units

Distance from the nearest responding law enforcement agency

Physical characteristics of the office and its surroundings

Post-incident procedures

Despite the installation of security devices and the practice of security programs not all crimes can be stopped, robbery and burglary are inherent risks; this is why it is important to have an established set of emergency procedures in the event a crime occurs.

The more you consider when developing your written policies and the more frequently you train and test these procedures, the better prepared you will be when an incident occurs. Your program and training should include notification procedures, evidence control, site / property control, news media communications, and client inquiries.

Training Information

Above all, the need to provide training to staff is crucial. Inadequate employee training could easily nullify the most comprehensive and detailed security program. Not only does proper training reduce the chances of the occurrence of a robbery or burglary and increase the chances for recovery of stolen assets, it significantly decreases the likelihood of the occurrence resulting in physical harm to your employees or clients.

Many forms of security training are available for both management and staff. ISG along with many other consulting firms offer written guidance and training seminars in developing a successful security program. This information covers many situations including bomb threats, burglary, robbery, disaster recovery, emergency procedures, evacuation procedures, and other critical incident training

Program Maintenance

As you begin to develop or review your security program it is important to consider the trends in financial crimes, the innovations in technology, and the changes occurring within your organization. Be careful to not become infatuated with the latest technological advancement for technology sake alone, make certain it makes sense for your needs and you thoroughly understand the pros and cons of every new technology.

If you are adding to or upgrading alarm systems and or devices, Make a statement with your security, be obvious and emphasize your security solutions, this visual / physical deterrent could possibly prevent an incident from occurring, and it will provide an increased sense of security for your staff and clients alike. This does not mean that you have to forsake all aesthetics; good security can and should be obvious while it takes into account the need for its environment

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