Why ISG?

Know How To Be Secure

Why trust ISG with your safety and security?

  • Decades of experience and industry leadership mean no one in this business knows how to keep your assets safer than we do.
  • We don't believe the solution to your needs comes in a pre-packaged set of services and technologies. Every organization is unique; your customized security system should be, too. With us, it will be - every time.
  • We know security technology, from state-of-the art to aging legacy systems, and we know how to integrate system improvements with existing systems and infrastructure for optimal performance at the lowest possible cost.
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Without communication, your security system is not as effective as it should be. If your system can't tell the monitoring center what is happening, it is useless - no matter how elaborate it is.

Not all systems are created equal; most cellular units are little more than an additional phone line, unsupervised, installed & programmed incorrectly and easily compromised. Don't be fooled into thinking you're secure. Find how you can become better protected and even save money doing it.

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We think it's important to communicate the news and events that impact our customer relationships and place in the industry - whether it's an industry achievement award, recap of a recent trade show or our involvement in the community.

As your trusted partner, ISG is committed to delivering transparency in everything we do.

Please opt-in to begin receiving ISG communication today. We're security consultants who want you to know how to be secure. We take that seriously and promise not to hit your email box too often. 

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Workshops & Training

Invest in your future by gaining valuable insight into your systems, new technology and the latest trends while learning how to improve your current systems without any cost.

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Integrated Security Group (ISG) is a leading provider of commercial alarm services for those clients who require the peace-of-mind & certainty that comes only from an experienced group of industry leaders. No big brand name, just the know how to make you secure. Our managed security services offer – installation, monitoring, repair, testing, inspection, design, engineering & consulting throughout New England and New York.